With it now being mandatory to pay the carbon tax nationwide, there is a high demand in energy-efficient home comfort products that are capable of keeping the production of CO2 pollution low and the consumption of gas and electricity to a minimum.

Further efforts to protect our environment are directly pointed at older style air conditioners(R22 systems), that, when there is a leak, destroy our ozone layer. Due to this, they are being phased out. View Montreal Protocol R22  R22 is in its last year of production and, and repairs to older units are becoming harder and more expensive to perform.

These older systems do not have the efficiency rating of newer, energy star rated equipment which uses approximately half the power on average in comparison while posing no risk to the environment. chances are if your air conditioner is 12 years or older, you probably have an R22 system that is consuming double the power that a new unit would while posing a significant environmental risk.

3 HVAC Factors
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